Ama Serwah Genfi, Ghanaian-American singer professionally known as Amaarae, has taken to social media to lament the ungratefulness of Gen Z individuals.

She called them out on the microblogging platform, X, formerly known as Twitter, after one of them asked for her credit card information to pay for a plane ticket to Ghana.

She had instructed the anonymous Gen Z person to assist her in bringing a parcel when they arrived after giving the card details.

However according to Amaarea, someone had the audacity to inquire about the weight of the item she hopes to receive.

She expressed outrage that they can’t help her bring a box, but they have the audacity to take her money to cover the airfare.

In her words;

“Gen Z r so ungrateful I swear — u can text me for my debit card details and use it to buy yourself a flight to Ghana, when I text you to bring me a package you have the nerve to ask me is it heavy !!! as in, so if it’s heavy you won’t bring it or what ?”

Reacting to her post, @pelliepro wrote, “So because say you pay for my flight, make I con Dey carry Land Cruiser battery for you?”

@gadonpapa1 commented: “This happened to me last week. I swear”

@froggvans wrote, “Chale? How you doing this to someone who’s card you use and you just cant extend the same gesture back? You people really bad o smh”

@cinderCHERELla commented, “Girl that’s crazy … buy me a ticket and both bags are yours 🥹😂😂”


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