Stop being nice to women, be kind instead. Women don’t like nice guys. It is in their nature, genetic and a global thing.

Be in charge. Women love it when their man is in charge just the way their father is/was. They like to be protected, reasons why good girls love bad boys.

Women love it when their man opposes some of their decisions. Don’t always agree to anything she say. For instance, your girlfriend with less than 500K in her bank account wanted to purchase a human hair of 250K and you disagreed, suggested something profitable instead. A good woman will forever be grateful and appreciate you for that. Only an N.F.A. (NO FUTURE AMBITION) kinda girl will hate you for this.

I’m not asking you to be wicked and authoritative. Like she want to go to School, NO! She want to setup a business or get a job to support the family, NO! Always against her personal growth and dreams…that’s witchcraft bro.

All I’m saying is, stop being nice to women, be kind instead. When you say ‘It’s Okay’ she should be calm immediately.

Be in charge even in bed. If she ride you small, tell he to step down, then place her on a tight corner of the bed, KNACK her well..afterwards, she’ll go to the kitchen and get you something to eat and sleep.

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Unfortunately, you might not get or enjoy all these if you are a poor man. Naso life be. Sorry o.�

Good morning comrades.

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