How To Enter A Relationship: It is natural to feel anxious or uncertain about committing to another person and navigating the complexities of a romantic relationship.

However, with the right mindset and approach, entering into a relationship can also be a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

We’re tired of hearing that you’re single to stupor. That’s why we’ve come up with tips to help you avoid commenting, “God, when?” under people’s couple posts in 2023.

Here’s how to get into a relationship in 2023.

1. Go Outside Oooo

I beg you in the name of everything you love, go out this year, 2023.

Throughout 2022, you stayed in your house and remained single because your soulmate didn’t come knocking at your door.

In 2023, leave your house. Even if it’s just to walk down your street.

2. Put a Signboard at your house gate

Help wanted sign on front door.

Just like how people hang signs for work vacancies. Yours should say, “Serious relationship wanted”, with a list of criteria.

Let people know how serious you are.

3. Ask Your Parents To Hook You Up

If there’s one thing you should know, it’s that Nigerian parents know people of all ages and genders.

And because they want grandchildren, they’ll be very happy to set you up with a potential partner.

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They’re already doing it behind your back anyway, so just give them the official go-ahead.

4. Steal someone’s partner 

Maybe your soulmate is currently dating somebody else. Steal people’s partners until you find the one meant for you.

5. Try And Be Posting Your Pictures 

Try dey post your photos! No be every time meme and motivational quote.

How do you expect anyone to ask you out when the last time you posted a picture of yourself was in 2015?

We’re in 2023 please, people aren’t going to enter your DMs because the memes you post are funny. Do better.

6. Try Speed Dating

I think speed dating is one of the best ways to find your soulmate. First of all, you’ll go on multiple dates in one day and setting, which is less stressful

Secondly, If you don’t feel the spark potential soulmates should feel in five minutes then the person isn’t meant for you. On to the next one.


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