Families have been thrown into delirious & precarious financial upheavals that seem not to go away no matter how many relief packages they get. This has triggered so many people into different sort of means and trades just to make ends meet and one question has seem to take a fore on the minds of multiple people – “How can I make money from home” ?

Truth be told, there’s a large number of ways you could make money and one of such is the Internet. You’ve probably seen friends or just random people on Facebook or Twitter post stuff like “How I made money with my phone” or “How I made money from home” and stuff like that and you’ve most likely wondered to yourself at some point at least once on how to make money from home, or how to make money on the internet or how to earn easy money without actually working and stuff like that. Well, if you’ve been having thoughts like this, you sure can make money without investment and here are  ways you could make money from the internet while at home without actually doing any real work. If you’re ready, then let’s go:

Blogging: You might not know it but blogging is actually a great way to earn cash online from home. The real cash is not actually in the posts but in the number of ads you can get on your platform & the amount of traffic you can generate on your blog. The heart and souls of this particular trade is Consistency & Content. If you have the right content & are consistent, you’ll definitely get the site visitors and earn some money from home on the internet. Although, this field is quite saturated it’s potentiometer is definitely not. If you have basic skills in web design, you could create your own website with a domain name and all of that or you could simply use the provided platforms of big sites like WordPress.

YouTube: While some might call it vlogging because it involves videos, owning a YouTube account is a sure say to make some cool cash while in your house if you could get the subscribers. You’ve probably seen that stupid annoying ad that pops up while you’re trying to watch a video on YouTube, well that’s the money maker cos the more clicks that ad gets, the more money for you but first you gotta put in the work to get those viewers & more importantly subscribers. The same rules of blogging apply here. Catchy Content & Consistency will definitely earn you the bag.

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Online Marketing: This is a very good way to earn money from Amazon at home cos products are easy to find & purchase in bulk. In simple , online marketing is the art of using the internet to market your products. The products could be the ones you make or the ones you buy in bulk & retail. Taking good images of these products and posting them on social media or websites for interested customers to make orders is what this entails. The more orders you get, the bigger your brand and the more money you make. Easy as tea right, but the work is in catching the attention of the said customers as you are definitely not the only vendor offering the goods to buy. You have to make sure you have the advantage of variety, cheaper cost, easy & fast delivery. Let’s not even get started on quality of your products.

Affiliate Marketing: This is basically the same thing as Online marketing except in this case you’re not the seller of the goods but an advertiser or say middle man. You simply need to have a very large or very responsive social media following. Here, you help sellers market their goods, products or services to an already existing customer base and get paid in commissions or specific sums for every sale made through you. There’s no magic in this, just some basic ability to woo people into checking out products they may deem attractive and for every sell, you get your cut. An easy way to make money sitting at home eh? You could check out Expertnaire or other affiliate marketing platforms if this catches your fancy and that leads us to the next one.

Copywriting: Do you have a knack for coming up with short catchy phrases, sentences that could be used for adverts?? Then this is definitely your forte. While SW get this skill naturally, some others have to learn it from books, professionals and the likes. Copywriting is the art of creating short, witty, catchy, concise sentences that enable brands to advertise their services or products. Your job is to catch the audience of any human who stumbles upon their adverts such that they are tempted to click that link, check that website or just even follow that social media handle. If you can do this, bet you just found a way to make money without investment. Sounds fun right?

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Graphics Designing: Graphics is something that has been helping young folks earn quick cash and stay alive. You see those posters, fliers, handbills which you stumble upon at the junction or gets handed to you by some church evangelist or some marketer for big corporations?? Those were all created by Graphic designers who usually charge sizable sums. Although, you would have to learn how this all works with shapes, colour blending etc but Graphics is a sure way to make money on the side fast.

Crypto Trading: I bet you’ve heard about cryptocurrency or better still Bitcoin!! Now, crypto trading is the art or trading (buying & selling) in cryptocurrencies. These are virtual currencies that have grown over time to gain fiduciary relevance & value. Cryptocurrencies exist on the platform of Blockchain technology & are a sure way to earn quick money from home & make money online with no experience. Although, this too requires some training which could be quite daunting atimes but once you get the hang of it, you definitely are on the way to make easy money from home. Platforms like Binance, Roqqu enable crypto trading if you would like to check it out but you sure need to have some capital.

Stock Trading: Now, I’m sure this sounds like some ponzi scheme right? Trust be told it’s not. Gone are the days when this stuff was for only fellows from rich wealthy families. Now, the averages man & woman could get involved in this and make a fortune from the comfort of their home. So, what is stock trading? It’s basically the art of trading in stock (shares) of companies and Business which are listed on the Stock Market Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), NASDAQ, NYSE etc are all stock markets where companies are listed. You could simply buy their shares, hold and sell when the value goes up. Simple as that but you’ve got to get some education on how to target the right stock so your money doesn’t go Awol! Lol, if you know what I mean. You should use a stock broker to help you with this or just install apps like Chaka, Bamboo, TradingView which enable you deal directly while they serve as the broker for very little fees.

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Online Tutoring: Not everyone wants to buy and sell. Lol, some of us just want to offer services and get paid. Not to worry, if you love to reach & are excellent at a particular subject, then this will serve you. You could teach online and get paid. Various platforms enable you to make money as a stay at home mom or just make money in your spare time by teaching pupils & students. Some of these include: SuperProf, SayABC, Preply. You could find the rest on your own. 

Freelancing: Again, this one is for those who wish to offer services, not buy & sell which technically is still it actually but no qualms on that. If you are great at writing, this one is definitely for you. Freelancing is the art of writing for someone or people and getting paid. Your clients could range from friends to companies, businesses to CEO’s, executives of corporation, big businessman etc, the list is endless and you could be required to write stuff like newsletters, articles, speeches, presentations, public statements, books, reviews etc so you’ve got to be quite versatile or be ready & able to learn new forms of writing really sharp if you’re going to  use this one to make quick legit money online.


This is a situation whereby people come to your home and pick what you have to return after use not neglecting the payment aspect. You may have clothes, costumes, cars, houses or the likes you don’t have need of and can’t get rid of it too so free up some space by renting them out. StyleLendLoanables, and RentNotBuy are a few platforms that allow you to rent out your favorite items from costumes to dresses, you could earn a monthly profit off your unused items.

Be A Reseller

The world has revolved that one needs no money to start a business, yes as fake as it sounds you can give it a try and see what you have been missing. A reseller can bargain price with a producer, take the pictures of the products only, showcase the pictures and as people make demands with their payment you take your gain and give your supplier his money.

One needs knowledge in other to know what people needs so as to deliver well while you make your real money at home.


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